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badlyrics's Journal

songs written by people who shouldn't write songs
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So many of us have songs inside, longing to burst out (and splatter gore all about, and hiss at the horrified onlookers before slithering into a ventilation duct...) This community is where those little songs can find a home. Where you can compare your Bad Lyrics to others' Bad Lyrics. Where you can thumb your noses at Serious Writers everywhere. Where, instead of scoffing "I could write that kind of crap" every time you hear the radio, you can prove it for an audience.

You know the ads that used to appear in the Weekly World News that claimed that for five bucks, a real live singer would set your original songs to music and send you a tape? This community is also kind of like that, except that there's no five bucks, no singer and no tape. However, if you listen to most radio, you might notice there are an awful lot of Bad Lyrics already out there. Maybe, through the magic of the Internet, your original writings will end up on the radio, too. (Any copyright disputes will be up to the individuals responsible for the Bad Lyrics. If some dreadful pop group steals your song, don't come crying to me.)

badlyrics can also be used to discuss unintentionally bizarre attempts at styles of popular music...commercial jingles that try
to ape current music trends...and hit songs of past and present whose lyrics are worse than ours.