kosta_pasta (kosta_pasta) wrote in badlyrics,

Swimming through above

Swimming in a shadow
      Dipping in one’s beautiful eyes 
full of soul
and a sacred desire
Burning from inside,
     Shivering from yours and mine
                                  bifid, yet shared fire
The love swimming it is,
gazes are
      reflecting the bide lights 
                                 into all-in-all mire
Knowing it’s real and beyond the reality
     The minute lasts endless,
                             the hour is nothing…
You love my body and we continue
                            the ritual dancing
There is no breath, no movements,
                           though we swim
We won’t bewray ourselves , 
     lettin’ anyone know this,
                        We are dim
Fire and water we are, above
    we swim through the waves of love

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