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I am depressed for no reason DAMMIT!! so I write...I'm sick of writing.

This song is for all the people in fucked up love lifes. yeah.

What Do You Do?

What do you do
when the words have been said,
but the voice of your pain,
still lingers in your head?
Do you lay there in the darkness
with no one to hold
Do you see the road ahead of you?
The journey has begun.

I am standing at the crossroads
Dreading my first step,
I want to look back,
and see your arms wide open for me.
But my eyes stay looking forward.
As I break down inside.
I don't know what to do.

What do you do,
If your love is pushed aside,
and the pain you feel when you see them,
grows with every (new) day?
Do you hold your head high,
with a smile on your face?
Do you put on your act,
For the whole world to embrace?

what do you do,
with the tears in your eyes,
with the long cold (icy) nights alone,
with the pieces of your shattered heart?

Do you wipe those tears away,
or let them stain?
(Do you) break the ice,
or let it remain?
Do you mend your broken heart,
or (do you) let it fall apart?

I am crying out to you,
Hoping (that) you will hear
that I never did stop loving you
And I still want (you here) to hold you dear.
As I stand there listening
to my plea fade into silence.
I don't know what to do.
All I want is to love you.

I am dieing at the crossroads
with my heart still screaming
I can't let you out of my life,
I want to see you smiling
But my eyes stay looking forward,
As I break down inside.
I can't do, what I have to.

I am crying out to you,
Hoping (that) you will hear
that I never did stop loving you
And I still want you here (to hold you dear).
As I stand there listening
to my plea fade into silence.
I don't know what to do.

I take my first step as I leave my heart behind.
It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
To stop loving you.
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holy this is amazing like wow im speachless!! i put a nice tune to it and i cant stop singing it haha good job and dont worry youll get better and writting might even help you with the depresstion you get all of your feelings out that way :)



June 25 2009, 01:51:38 UTC 8 years ago

i was looking at your song is it okay if my band takes your lyrics



June 28 2009, 01:58:32 UTC 8 years ago

umm? i lik sum of it not all so can i take sum words 4rm it?

Re: hey


July 3 2009, 11:09:52 UTC 8 years ago

which ones and how much?



July 13 2009, 18:48:11 UTC 8 years ago

Heyy Man....

I just wanna say your Writing is AMAZING me and my Band love your work =]

we were just wondering if you could use your material ???

Thanks alot Man, Keep up the good work =]

Andrew =]



February 15 2010, 21:08:22 UTC 8 years ago

This is Taylor I write songs my own that I dont think are very good. But your song is very good and I think I can write music for it. Did you make up this song?
yeah I did. I would enjoy hearing your interpretation of the text. send me a link to it when you're done.

Re: Hi


April 16 2010, 20:55:02 UTC 8 years ago

I would like to know if i can have this song
i am a really good singer but dont know haow to write songs



April 16 2010, 20:52:31 UTC 8 years ago

may i shave this song i would really be happy if u let me have it



April 16 2010, 20:53:38 UTC 8 years ago

its me again if u want to let me now please send email to
Your lyrics are impressive however I'd edit it a little before thinking about turning it in to a real song out there for everyone to here.



July 30 2010, 17:59:52 UTC 7 years ago

hey i love this song i cant tell u who i am but im a singer can i take it i think its awesome can plzzz keep it?????