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I am new. Nobody I know writes songs. I'm glad you are all writing them, even if some of them are bad.

I use too many words in too small a space. I sing very fast. This is one of them. Let me know what you think, please.

DFCG each line.
Find a tree up in the mountain and stay there 'till I wake up, wait and see
I'll stay sleeping still in city fountains, when I wake up any day now I'll go find your mountain tree
you sit tight atop the higher branches keep an eye out with an eyeglass, try to wake me with the glare
sleepy eyelids troubled by the sunny shine reflection of the eyeglass shiny sunbeam soaring swiftly through the air

hey you, I see a glimmer, shining off my city fountain's sleepy city shimmer
hey you, don't move a muscle, I'll be right there just as soon as I escape the city bustle.

stirring in my slumber I'll awaken in an instant to discover I've been slumbering in cinders
and the fountain overflowing without water it's been snowing ash and soot for well on twenty thousand darkly burning winters

hey you, I'm sure it's temporary, but for the moment I appear to be a bundle bit and buried
Hey you, I'm really very     sorry but the burden's all to cumbersome to carry
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